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Chemical Senses誌のExecutive EditorであるJohan Lundström先生から、
JASTS会員あてに以下のごとく、特集号“Clinical science in the chemical senses:
mechanisms, perception, behaviors and disorders”への投稿依頼が届いております。

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Chemical Senses Special Issue
“Clinical science in the chemical senses: mechanisms, perception,
behaviors and disorders”
Article submission deadline: January 31th, 2021

The prevalence of chemosensory loss associated with the COVID-19
pandemic have significantly raised public and health provider awareness of chemosensory disorders. This increased interest in smell,
taste,chemesthesis and flavor perception offers a unique opportunity for clinical and pre-clinical researchers in the chemical senses to advance our understanding of the chemical senses, their normal contributions to perception and behavior, and the mechanisms and potential treatments for chemosensory disorders. This special issue will highlight originalresearch and informed perspectives in these areas.

To be included in the special issue, submissions should make a new
contribution to the empirical and/or theoretical understanding of human chemosensory function or dysfunction, including normal chemosensory perception, chemosensory disorders, and diagnosis. We welcome – but do not exclusively focus on – manuscripts that present work related to COVID-19-associated chemosensory dysfunction. Submissions may consist of original research or reviews (systematic or narrative). If you wish to submit a review, opinion paper, or case study, please contact one of the listed editors below prior to submitting. We also welcome chemosensory pre-clinical research that uses non-human animal models or in vitro approaches as long as potential clinical applications are clearly apparent.

Submitted manuscripts will be published upon acceptance, and assembled into an online special issue, thereby providing no delay compared to the regular review process.
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Submission guidelines:

Editors for this special issue:
Dr. Johan N. Lundström, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden
Dr. Sanne Boesveldt, Wageningen University, the Netherlands sanne.