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Yuzo Ninomiya, Kyushu University

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Administrator of JASTS home page

Noritaka Sako, Asahi University
Makoto Kashiwayanagi, Asahikawa Medical University


Article 1. NAME
The name of the Corporation shall be the Japanese Association for the Study of Taste and Smell (JASTS).

Article 2. PURPOSE
The purpose of the Corporation shall be to advance the development of extensive research concerning Taste and Smell.

The corporation shall undertake the following enterprises for the accomplishment of the purpose:
Section 1. Promotion of Scientific Meetings, Lecturer, Workshops, and the like.
Section 2. Publication of the Journal, Proceedings and some other subjects.
Section 3. Participation of international enterprises with AChemS, ECRO and/or other related organizations in co-operation to contribute the development of the study of Taste and Smell.
Section 4. Any necessary undertaking other than section 1-3.

The Corporation shall have two classes of members: Individual and Corporate. Individual members are classified into honarable, regular and student memberships. Annual dues for each membership are to be severally established in Additional Clause.
Section 1. Individual members should be to be engaged and/or interested in the research fields of taste and smell, and to participate the enterprise(s) organized by the Corporation. Members who pay the annual dues in advance shall be distributed the Japanese Journal of Taste and Smell Research and the like.
Section 2. Corporate members are organizations approving the purpose of the Corporation and aiding it to achieve its objectives. This class of membership shall have the same establishments as individual members.
Section 3. Honorable members shall be individuals over 70 years old who are specially elected in recognition of their services by the Steering Committee. This membership has the same establishments as those for regular members, as well.

Article 5. ADMISSION
Section 1.
 Individuals or corporate applying for the Corporation shall fill an application form, and propose it to the JASTS Office with the entrance fee and annual dues established separately in Additional Clause.
Section 2. Admission to membership shall require approval from the Steering Committee.

Section 1.
 Memberships shall be retracted by a notice of withdrawal. Section 2. Memberships may be terminated automatically for unreasonable non-payment of dues over two years.

Article 7. OFFICERS
The Corporation has officers to steer the Corporation. The meeting of administatives is named the Steering Committee.
Section 1. The Officers are composed of fifteen administrators including the President, the present and next chair persons for the Corporation’s annual meetings, and two auditors.
Section 2. The Steering Committee shall respectively elect a Secretary-general and a Treasurer out of administratives. The executive committees shall consist of the President, Secretary-general and Treasurer.
Section 3. Fifteen administrators shall be elected out of all regular members, and conduct the Corporation’s affairs. Their terms shall be three years. Successive appointments to administrators must not exceed three terms. The way of election for the administratives shall be noted in Additional Clause separately.
Section 4. The President may convoke the Steering Committee and the general meeting as a representative of the Corporation. The President shall serve a term of three years. He/she shall not be eligible to serve another consecutive term as a rule.
Section 5. The Chairperson(s) for the Corporation’s annual meeting must be responsible to the concerned one. Election of the Meeting chairperson(s) shall be noted in Additional Clause separately.

Article 8. MEETINGS
Section 1. The Steering Committee shall be called and presided over by the President, which must deliberate necessary enterprises and steering of the Corporation.
Section 2. The President must convoke the Steering Cmmittee in case of the demand by more than one third of administratives.
Section 3. Every subject deliberated at the Steering Committee must be approved through the general meeting by members.
Section 4. The general meeting shall be convoked during an annual meeting, and presided by the Meeting Chairperson(s).

Article 9. FISCAL YEAR
A fiscal year for the Corporation shall annually last from April 1st to the following March 31st.

Article 10. BUDGET
The budget for the Corporation shall be financed by dues, donations and some other incomes.

Article 11. AUDITING
The settlement of accounts for the Corporation must be inspected by the two auditors at the end of a fiscal year. Auditors shall report the results at the Steering Committee and the general meeting.

Article 12. AMENDMENTS
Amendments to the Bylaws must be approved through the general meeting.

[Additional Clause]
Article 1. DUES

With annual dues, the followings have been established:
Section 1. Regular Members – 4,000 yen ($40.00 for non-Japanese members)
Section 2. Student Members – 1,000 yen ($10.00 for non-Japanese members)
Section 3. Corporate Members – 50,000 yen
Section 4. Honarable Members – no charge
Section 5. Dues paid shall be non-refundable.

Section 1. A Scientific Meeting shall be held annually, and steered by the Meeting Chairperson(s). The Chairperson(s) must publish the proceedings of presentation after the concerned annual meeting in co-operation with the Editorial Board.
Section 2. A presentator of a scientific paper in both of oral and poster sessions must be a member of the Corporation, with the exception of a Corporate member.
Section 3. Non-member shall be able to participate in the annual meeting in case of paying the registration fee.

Article 3. OFFICE
The JASTS office should be located at the President’s affiliation as a rule, where the Executive Committee shall engage in business.

Section 1.
 Administratives, total fifteen, shall be elected according to the way noted in the Article 5 of Additional Clause.
Section 2. The President shall be elected by mutual vote of administratives, who must be approved by the general meeting. He/she shall not be eligible to serve another consecutive term as a rule.
Section 3. Two auditors shall be appointed out of regular members other than administrators in the President’s commission.
Section 4. The Meeting chairperson(s) shall be elected by vote in the Steering Committee.

Administratives shall be elected by vote of regular members for the time being as the followings.
(1) Every members must notice his/ her interests, i.e. research field and professional area in application for membership, according to the table at the end of this Clause .
(2) The Steering Committee shall recommend 12 candidates of Administratives for the next term to all members in consideration of their geographical locations, research fields and professional areas.
(3) Members shall write 15 names on a ballot in reference to 12 candidates recommended.
(4) First, thirteen administrators shall be adopted in the order of numbers of votes obtained.
(5) After election of the President at the Steering Committee, he/she shall be able to recommend two additive administratives.
(6) Officers elected must be approved by a general meeting.
(7) Election judges designated by the Steering Committee shall carry out the election of administratives.

Section 1.
 The Takasago Award for Research Encouragement shall be given to two researchers under 45 years old who have produced remarkable scientific achievements in the respective fields of taste and smell researches. The Award shall be presented during an annual meeting.
Section 2. A judging committee, three judgers in the fields of taste and smell, shall be designated by the Steering Committee, whose terms shall be three years.

To achieve the purpose of the Corporation, a temporary or permanent commitee shall be able to be organized if ncessary.

This enforcement regulations have put in force from October 3rd, 1991. However, the date of real effect is going back to January 26th, 1991.